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“It is the mission of Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. to provide timely, cost effective solutions specific to each clients’ individual requirements.”


Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. is a forward thinking consulting engineering firm. We pride ourselves on solving your problem in the most expeditious and cost effective way. Our staff includes engineers and scientists who provide exceptional quality and personalized service while keeping your best interests in mind.

Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Messer’s. Theodore H. Bayer, P.E. and Stephen M. Risse, P.E. Both are graduates of Rutgers University College of Engineering and licensed professional engineers in several states. Mr. William Jupinka, P.E., also a Rutgers graduate, joined our firm in 1997.

With well over a half century of professional experience, Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc.’s principals have the technical knowledge to solve your problem and the passion to pursue your interests from beginning to end.

Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc.