Bayer Risse Engineering Inc

Landfill Reclamation

Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. works with quarry and landfill owners in obtaining approvals for long term maintenance of closed or inactive quarries and landfills. This work has included securing permits for beneficial reuse of alternative materials such as wastewater treatment plant biosolids, food processing by-products, and other materials ordinarily considered to be part of the waste stream. The permits we have secured for clients have allowed blends of these recycled products to be used as soil to maintain and repair the final surface of the landfill. We have applied the same materials and techniques in reclamation of active and inactive sand and gravel quarries.

Projects of this nature involve several branches of the Department of Environmental Protection. An approval must be secured from each group (Solid Waste, Engineering, Pretreatment and Residuals) in order for the project to be successful.