Bayer Risse Engineering Inc

Biosolids Management

Adoption of the EPA 40 CFR Part 503 regulations opened new doors in all aspects of biosolids management. Cumbersome permitting and reporting requirements were scaled down to a simple notification, depending on the State. Innovative technologies can still offer cost effective means of satisfying “beneficial reuse” clauses common in municipal contracts.

Composting, land application, alkaline stabilization and other alternatives should be considered whenever long term biosolids strategies are evaluated. Individuals responsible for sewage sludge management decisions may benefit from our engineering and regulatory expertise. Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. conducts feasibility studies that evaluate various alternatives for biosolids management. These studies may consider many separate alternatives or one particular proposal.

Once an alternative has been selected Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. will prepare design plans and file for the permits necessary to implement the alternative. We are capable of handling all aspects of the project including environmental studies and reports, public hearings, etc. We have also worked as an integral part of a design team handling one specific aspect of a project.

Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. has diverse contacts in the biosolids arena and has found homes for many wayward sludges. We are familiar with the regulators in several states and can broker our client’s positions effectively.