Bayer Risse Engineering Inc

Wastewater Engineering

Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. designs wastewater treatment facilities for clients. Whether the project is a small rural subdivision that needs a centralized wastewater plant to treat septic tank effluent, a rural school that uses a package treatment plant, or a large housing project that requires a pump station to convey sewage to a regional wastewater treatment facility, Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. will prepare design plans and specifications, and secure the necessary local, county and state permits and approvals. We have also worked with golf courses and country clubs in evaluating their wastewater management needs and have designed wastewater treatment plants to service their clubhouses and banquet facilities.
Site Development
Securing an approval to construct a wastewater treatment plant is a very time consuming process. Often the time required obtaining permits approaches 2 or 3 years. The wastewater side of a development equation is likely the critical pathway on the road to successful implementation of a project. Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. serves as the wastewater treatment and environmental permitting expert on the design team.