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Septic Systems

Septic System Description —

What is a septic system?

A septic system is an onsite form of wastewater treatment and disposal. Your septic system requires periodic maintenance to ensure long term operation. The links below will give you some insight into the design and operation of your septic system.

Before you conduct or participate in any residential property transaction, whether buying, selling, insuring or lending you need the facts to face the potential risk associated with a failing septic system. Bayer-Risse Engineering, Inc. thoroughly and confidentially inspects and provides information about the septic system on the property. Whether it is properly maintained, properly constructed, or located in an area with poor soil types, Bayer-Risse Engineering’s inspection report gives you confidence and peace of mind.

NJ Septic System Regulations —

What you need to know…

Sewage Disposal

Individual Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Standards

Wastewater Management

NJDEP’s Onsite Wastewater Management Program

Inspection Guidance

Onsite Wastewater
Treatment and Disposal Systems